Eternal Questions


The questions below are just for fun, probing the mysteries of life and hopefully are thought provoking. If you want to send us your answer we will list the best of those we receive. Conversely if you have an eternal question that is just looking for an answer just send it in and if we agree it needs airing we would be happy to ask the world (editor's discretion and choice).



     The Questions


If the meaning of the universe is given as 42, how accurate is this answer?


If reincarnation is a reality, what is the point if those returning can't remember who they were?


Was god an astronaut?


If we generally only remember the good times, how comes we don't as a nation always vote the same party into office?


Given the pollution, pesticides, the hole in the ozone layer, plague, global warming, danger of impact from a large meteor, or eruption of a super-volcano, giant solar flair etc. etc., should I worry? Click here for an answer


If ghosts are real, why are ghosts selective on who can see them and why don't they show themselves to groups of people?


What was there before the big bang and where did all the matter come from that makes up the universe?


If there is absolute zero temperature at one end what is the maximum at the other end? Click here for the answer.


What was the Mona Lisa smiling at?


If our life is all mapped out for us why didn't the author think to give us the map to save the mistakes?


If all possibilities exists in multiverses then (1) am I in the right universe and (2) am I rich and don't know it?


Is immortality just still being thought of long after you are dead, and if so, is Elvis now immortal?


How does dowsing work?


Has religion been developed by all peoples to help them cope with death?


Why do so called intellectuals believe there is good in everyone and they know best, when it is blatantly obvious to everyone else that they are wrong.


What produces the force of gravity or what makes bodies attract?


Do two ends make a beginning?


The world as we know it did not end in 2012, but what is the most likely cause that could finish man off?


Where the mamoths found frozen in Siberia still with food in their mouths quick frozen when the poles last moved?


Did the ancients use Brown's Gas to cut stone?


If global warming will stop the gulf stream and cause northern countries to go into a new ice age, won't this counteract global warming?


Why are UFOs seen before or during major disasters?


Why are we polluting our country and coast with wind turbines which generate so little power we need thousands of them and they don't work if there is no wind, so we have to have power stations big enough to fill the gap anyway?


Did life come from space inside meteors?