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My Uncle Tom



My uncle was a barrow boy and somewhere along the line
He maybe knew a thing or two or some old Cockney rhyme.
When you are a barrow boy you're always in the know
Where thing are coming from and especially where they go.
If you want for anything they'll try and find it cheap
Up at dawn to market they'll find it while you sleep.
They'll have a word with Charlie, John, Joe, George or Vic
If they can find enough cheap dresses you can have your pick.
Barrow boys originally could be found outside the station
Now they are found in markets all across the nation.
True barrow boys are a dying breed and their hearts were pure gold
And often food left unsold fed those starving out in the cold.
An odd loaf here, an apple there and often a whole lot more.
They made a bit of money but they never forgot the poor.
copyright (©) Gill DeVille November 2000

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