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Table Number 20
By Thomas Sheen


I and my Merry Men

Have had this table four years and ten

Such patronage is well deserved

A table we must have reserved


To this committee I declare

Take notice, and just beware

For I shall go to Connaught House

And I shan’t forget to grouse


I will storm the place with shot and shell

And give unto them merry hell

They’ll tell me there are tables plenty

But we insist on number twenty


Who are these guys that not so wise

And so decide to organise

The lives of people – “You and me”

Is this ruddy democracy?


Gentlemen, have no fear

I am an Electrical Engineer

I have the sparks, I have power

To burn you up at any hour


You all know Joe, the name is Clay

And Joe will always have his way

Really gentlemen I entreat

Do not rob me of my seat


I’ve thrown away the wooden spoon

That played the pipes and called the tune

Now kindly hear me gentlemen

This has taught you a darned good lesson




copyright (©) Gill DeVille April 2001

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