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Rennie The Elephant


There was I, an elephant, sitting on the shelf in the local hospice shop

When in came two nice ladies who caught me on the hop.

I heard one say to the other “Oh look at this one Gill”

And before I knew it I was scooped up and taken to the ‘till.

You see I thought I’d be there for ever, as stuffed toys don’t go fast

But apparently I’m unique, a door stop and my bottoms built to last.

I listened to them talking and heard the shop bell ring

Cos’ my trunks so big it covers my eyes I couldn’t see a thing.

I didn’t know where I was going but it wasn’t very far

I travelled in a shopping bag to the little purple Polo car.

They said they knew someone who would love me and I heard the name “Rosemary”

And apparently I am joining a hurd of ellies and so I’m happy as can be.

Poor Bob has got used to us arriving and making up the hurd

He’s seen so many over the 25 years and doesn’t say a word.

Now my Christmas will be special as I’m not left on the shelf

I’ve left the cast of many “cuddlies” including the Christmas elf.

Gill decided she should name me and I think it really suits me

As I was left in Ian’s hospice shop she has called me “Rennie”.


copyright (©) Gill DeVille December 2012

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