Words of Interest


The contents of this section is a random selection of prose with no other selection basis than they are things we have collected and as such are our keep sakes which we hope you will also like.

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1 Albert And The Lion Amusing poem about a visit to a zoo and what happened to Albert when he poked the lion.
2 Albert and the Lion Part 2 Amusing poem that follows on from the poem above.
3 Camp Granada Also known as Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda - summer camp blues.
4 Life Gets Tedious Don't It? About a tedious and lazy life.
5 I'm My Own Grandpa Amusing poem on a complicated family relationship.
6 Ozymandias Shelley's most famous poem.
7 You'll be a man my son Kiplin's sound advise to his son
8 12 pieces of advice Robert Louie Stevenson's 12 pieces of advice on how to live one's life
9 Senior Citizens Reflection on being old
10 Short bits Collection of shorter pieces
11 Lament of a businessman's wife The trials and tribulations of the wife of busy businessman.
12 Model T Ford parody Comments on owning one of the first cars.
13 Abou Ben Adhem Poem about a good man
14 Protective Clothing What to wear at work.
15 Spellchecker An ode to that wonder of the computer age
16 The Busman's Prayer A busman's route sung to the Lord's Prayer
17 If a Computers a car Ford's reply to Bill Gates statement
18 Ode to a Computer So that is why they crash!
19 Burning properties of wood If you burn wood in your fireplace then this is what you need
20 The kings of England A list of kings
21 Medieval sneezing rhymes Sneezing will never be the same
22 The nine parts of Speech Grammer reminder
23 The wreck of the Hesperus Humorous poem with a the boom boom finish
24 Why English is so hard Examples of hard English for foreign students
25 My favourite things Sound of Music came to old age.
26 National anthem of the Ancient Britons Bit before our time, but some of it seems familiar.
27 The Keeper A traditional song about a Gamekeeper hunting deer
28 Churchill's speech Churchill gave this speech to the House of Commons on 20th August 1940
29 The Life That I Have Wartime cipher poem by Leo Marks (1920 - 2001)
30 Feeling important If you feel they can't do without you - read on
31 The Gettysburg Address The famous address by Abraham Lincoln
32 Songs from Yesteryear The first verse of yesterdays' top of the pops.