Cars We Have Owned

366AHK Morris Minor 1000 cc Grey

BKR391C Morris Minor 1000 cc Green

KYP337D Austin Mini 850 cc Green

CYR236H Austin Mini 1000 cc White

KMD563K Morris Marina 1400 cc Orange

6600MV Ford Anglia Yellow

YYT701H Morris 1100 Cherry Red

SLN778R Austin Allegro Red - click to see photo

WJO940T Austin Allegro Metallic Blue

TFC47X Datsun Cherry Estate Metallic Red

???566W Ford Escort White

A535PUR Ford Granada 2000 cc Denim Blue - click to see photo

E957DJM Ford Fiesta 998 cc Black - click to see photo

E204XTM Ford Granada 2000 cc Maroon

H668FMO Renault Espace 2000 cc Metallic Maroon - click to see photo

J905SAN Austin Metro 1100 cc Maroon

M335SJO Renault Espace 1700 cc Turbo Diesel White

M43MDP Ford Fiesta 1600 cc Tourmallard Green

R234TLC Daewoo Nubira Estate 1600 cc Metallic Green - click to see photo

RK02KDN Daewoo Tacuma 1600 cc Metallic Blue

R330JNV Vauxhall Astra 1600 cc Metallic Black Ash - click to see photo

BL06ZDS Vauxhall Astra 1800 cc Metallic Blue

RJ56OVY Citroen C4 Picasso Grand 2000 cc Silver

BJ60OBP Vauxhall Zafira 19ZDTI Silver

RJ63URZ Hyundai i10 Stardust Grey (Purchased 19th March 2015)

Have you owned one of these cars?