Should I Worry?

Donít Worry about Human Extinction by :

    Eruption of a mega-volcano.

    Large Asteroid or comet impact/ changes to planetary & galactic movements

    Plague/ diseases/ Biological and chemical terrorism.

    World War III/ Atomic wars/ Weapons of mass destruction/ radiation & fallout

    The large Hadron accelerator/ anti-matter research

    Aliens/ UFOs/ Time travel/ multi-verses/ cosmic rays/ 2012

    Black holes/ worm holes/ tears in the fabric of space - time/ supernovas

    Global Warming/ the hole in the ozone layer/ destruction of the forests/ shrinking ice cap

    The next ice age/ Snowball Earth/ Sunspots/ Aging of the Sun/ Reversal of the poles

    Robots/ cyber men/ artificial intelligences/ Super computers

    Clones/ Genetically modified creatures

    Vampires/ Werewolves/ Zombies

    Pollution of the planet/ Pollution of space

    Changes in human fertility/ extinction of animal species/ pesticides

    Cloning & engineering humans & animals/ DNA manipulations

    Chemicals and artificial substances in food & drink/ uses of multiple drugs

    Drugs, artificial & unnatural additive to animal feed

    Water & food poisoning & pollution/ Genetically modifies foods


Why worry, because we all have to die when our life is finished!!