Words of Interest

Number 20.

The kings in England

by Mary Anne Humfrey (1792 -1873)

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The Romans in England did once bear sway
And the Saxons after them, led the way.
And they tugged with the Danes till an overthrow
They both of them got by the Norman blow.
William the First as Conqueror came.
William the Second by an arrow was slain.
Henry the First was a scholar bright.
But Stephen was forced for his crown to fight.
Henry Second Plantagenet's name did bear
And Richard First was his son and heir.
But Magna Cart was gained from John
Which Henry the Third put his seal upon.
Edward the First like a lion was bold.
Edward the Second was bought and sold.
Edward the Third was his subjects' pride
Though his grandson Richard was put aside.
Henry the Fourth was a warlike wight.
Henry the Fifth like a cock would fight.
Henry the Sixth like a child did pout.
When Edward the Fourth had kicked him out.
Poor Edward the Fifth was killed in bed
By Richard the Third who himself soon bled.
Henry the Seventh in fame grew big.
Henry the Eighth was as fat as a pig.
With Edward the Sixth we had tranquil days
Though Mary made fire and faggot blaze.
Good Queen Bess was a glorious dame
And James the First from Scotland came.
Charles the First was a martyr made.
Charles the Second was a comical blade.
James the Second when hotly spurred
Ran away from William the Third.
Queen Anne was victorious by land and sea.
George the First did with glory sway.
George the Second has long been dead
And George the Third reigned in his stead.
Of George the Fourth I have nothing to say
And William the Fourth may he long bear sway.

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