Words of Interest

Number 11.


by Mrs David Chambers


Hello my love, what's that you say,
tomorrow week you'll be away?
another meeting to attend,
to them there never seems an end.

Last July, as I recall,
you packed your bags and left us all,
whilst on holiday by the sea,
the children missed you more than me.

And on our Anniversary,
once more you happened to be away,
this time a convention took first place,
a wife is hardly in the race.

Visits to friends we plan ahead,
then home you come with drooping head,
a course is planned for that same day
that we'd arranged to be away.

How many times I've rushed around
having told the children "not a sound"
and served a meal fit for a King,
then waited for you to come in.
First seven, then eight and then nine too,
oh what can have happened to you.
When finally you do come in
its with a customer you've been.

I really try not to complain
but it's the same old sad refrain,
Daddy's had to go away,
but you'll see him another day!

The many hours I spend alone
with no more company than the 'phone
how I long to see you there,
sleeping in your favourite chair.

Because, let's face it, when you're here
you're always too damned tired my dear.
You just come here to recuperate -
I'm more a nurse than I am a mate!

But when we turn around and see
we're Senior Citizens, you and me,
and I have you home with me all day,
I'll probably wish you'd go away!


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