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I am in the recycling scheme
The true environmentalists dream.
My children, friends and family
Now have to sort the rubbish you see.
My kitchen now contains five bins
For leftovers, papers, glass and tins
And one for unrecycleable things.
My old cat was sick upon the kitchen floor.
I cleared it up - my usual chore.
There I stood kitchen towel full of sick
And thought "Now which bin do I pick"?
Well I chose the easiest - the unrecycleable one
As a handful of sick ain't a whole lost of fun.
When my husband got in from work that night
I told him of my earlier plight.
He said that I had picked the wrong bin
Which to put the cat sick in
He sat down grinning, at the table
And told me that cat sick is re-cycle-able.

copyright (©) Gill DeVille November 2000

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