Words of Interest

Number 14.

Protective Clothing

the public information cartoon shown on TV around 1972

SIR Isaac Newton told us why
An apple falls down from the sky,
And from this fact it's very plain
All other objects do the same.
A brick, a bolt, a bar, a cup,
Invariably falls down not up.
And every common working tool
Is governed by the self-same rule.
If at work you drop a spanner,
It travels in a downward manner.
A fifth of working accidents or more,
Illustrate old Newton's Law.
But one thing he forgot to add,
The damage won't be half as bad
If you are wearing proper clothes,
Especially on your head and toes.
These hats and shoes are there to save,
The wearer from an early grave.
So best foot forward and beware,
About the kind of shoes you wear
It's better to be sure than dead
So get a hat and keep your head.
Don't think to go without is brave
The effects of gravity can be grave

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